PT. Deltapack Industri History

PT. Deltapack Industri was established in 2002 by a team of engineers and professionals who have a decade of experience in plastics components manufacturers for catering the Japanese electronics and automotive industries in Indonesia, who saw an opportunity in diversifying the business into the F&B plastics packaging manufacturer in line with the increasing market demand in Indonesia.

With the understanding and know how in Japanese style management and applying the latest technology of manufacturing through the experience working with many Japanese Multi-National Companies, the team of engineer and professionals have brought Deltapack became a leading thermoforming rigid plastic packaging for F&B manufacturer in Indonesia within a few short years since its establishment.  This achievement is also a result of Deltapack commitment in innovative quality products, on time delivery, services oriented and cost competitiveness.

Understanding the global warming, environment issue and cost efficiency. In 2006, with the innovative design and manufacturing know how,  Deltapack is the pioneer in structured light weight PP cup in Indonesia without sacrificed the quality of the cups and eventually became the standard in the industry.

As the demand of rigid F&B plastics packaging growing in Indonesia, Deltapack brings production plants closer to the customers by selecting strategic locations throughout Indonesia. Deltapack completed the 2nd factory in Medan by 2003 and subsequently Riau by 2009, Surabaya by 2010, Palembang in 2012 and Lampung in 2013.

In 2010, Deltapack has entered into PET packaging business marked by the starting operation of the PET preform centre in Cikarang. At the same time to be the first company introduces the light weight PET preform, bottle and closure to the Indonesia market in line with cost efficiency and environment concern.