Our Company

PT. Hokkan Deltapack Industri, established on 1 May 2019 is a Joint Venture company between Hokkan Holdings Ltd. and PT. Deltapack Industri and its subsidiaries. 

PT Hokkan Deltapack Industri will maintain, continue and expand on PT Deltapack Industri’s operations as a leading F&B plastics packaging manufacturer in Indonesia.

We seek to support customers with innovative and high quality products produced by the latest advance technology and on time delivery with plants strategically located throughout Indonesia. Our manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we are committed to cost efficiency.

Currently, PT. Hokkan Deltapack Industri and its branches are the biggest PP cups manufacturer in Indonesia with manufacturing centres in Jakarta, Medan, Riau, Palembang, Lampung and Surabaya. We also have several in-plant and wall to wall production centre at customer factories to deliver customized solutions according to the customer needs.