Hokkan Holding Ltd. History

The history of Hokkan group has started in 1921 from a warehouse company called "HOKKAI CAN WAREHOUSE CO.,LTD" for canned products at Otaru City, Hokkaido, located at the very north part of Japan. Through its history, it has developed the business of manufacturing various metal and plastic food & beverage and daily use goods  containers, expanded business through beverage filling, and sustaining the group with engineering technology.

HOKKAN HOLDINGS LIMITED today is a holding company supervising the subsidiaries with the business of F&B container manufacturing, beverage filling, and machinery manufacturing. By uniting all the technologies and product development capability of the group companies, HOKKAN Group challenges to pursue greater quality in manufacturing and meet the needs of the market. In addition, we actively commit to implement eco-friendly activities such as providing lightweight solutions. We endeavor  to become a company that respects the “century of the environment,” and will lead the market by challenging producing new valued product.

As a “Total Packaging Company” with a strong position in the market, Hokkan group has developed the manufacturing competency that can quickly and flexibly respond to complicated needs in the market. This is not only referring to the manufacturing technology. Hokkan group maintains the comprehensive competency that can simultaneously offer three benefits; “Sales Framework” which accurately recognizes each customer’s needs, “Manufacturing System” which quickly respond to customer's demands and cost reduction, and “Technological Development Structure” which enable to offer original proposals. With these three strengths of Hokkan Group, we will maximize our corporate value and endeavor to continue developing our “Manufacturing Competency” to create a new business opportunities.